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Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is a university-wide body for KTH’s work on quality development and collegial dialogue. The majority of members are scientifically skilled and are appointed through elections among the teachers and the researchers.

Responsibilities and tasks

  • Overall responsibility for developing the quality of KTH’s education, research and collaborations, as well as in the recruitment and promotion process for appointments to teaching staff.
  • Manages and develops KTH’s quality assurance system for the above purposes and prepares governing documents regarding the conditions necessary to ensure the quality of each area of activity.
  • Overall quality development responsibility for
    • acting as an advisory body to the President on strategic and ethical issues,
    • acting as a link between KTH’s management and KTH’s teachers and researchers,
    • creating good conditions for interdisciplinary collegial dialogue.
  • Tasks assigned by the President and the decision-making rights delegated by the President.

Composition and term of office

The Faculty Council consists of 13 members:

  • Seven members, of whom one serves as chairperson (designated by the Dean of Faculty) and one serves as vice chairperson (designated by the Vice Dean of Faculty), are employed as professors or associate professors.
  • Three members are employed by an employer other than KTH.
  • Three members represent the students.
  • Three representatives appointed by the employees’ organisations have the right to attend and express opinions.

The listed persons are Members of the Faculty Council during the term of office 2024-2027.

Chair (Dean of Faculty)

Sofia Ritzén
Sofia Ritzén dean of faculty/professor, dean of faculty, professor, +4687909182 Profile

Deputy Chair (Vice Dean of Faculty) 

Employed as professors or associate professors

Gunnar Karlsson
Gunnar Karlsson prof., deputy head of division +4687904257 Profile

External members

  • Erik Dahlberg
  • Tobias Krantz
  • Pia Wågberg

Student representatives

  • Katarina Lindmark
  • Emil Wik

Representatives appointed by the employees’ organisations


Johanna Andersson Raeder
Johanna Andersson Raeder utbildningsledare +4687907022 Profile