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KTH’s collegial forum

The Faculty Council works with collegial foundation and dialogue across disciplines and subjects. The collegial forum is a meeting place for researchers and teachers at KTH. Issues that are important for research, teaching and collaboration, issues concerning the researcher's or teacher's own situation at KTH or KTH's development are discussed in the forum.

KTH’s collegial forum was held for the first time in May 2020 and is held twice per semester.

Upcoming KTH collegial forum

KTH collegial forum April 24 2023

Previously arranged KTH collegial forum

KTH collegial forum February 6 2023

KTH collegial forum, December 5 2022

KTH collegial forum, October 3 2022: Is there room for everyone’s talent? with Professor Rianne Letschert, Maastricht University.

KTH collegial forum, April 25, 2022: Responsible internationalization and the researcher's responsibility with Tommy Shih, The Swedish National China Centre and Lund University (Swedish).

KTH collegial forum, February 21, 2022: Truth, justice and understanding. Can one misunderstand what this means in research? with Per Sandin, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Swedish).

KTH collegial forum, November 17, 2021: To lead and to be led: challenges and opportunities for leadership at a university with Lars Geschwind, KTH (Swedish).

KTH collegial forum September 21, 2021: 100 years of women - gender equality work in Swedish engineering education with Malin Nordvall, Chalmers University of Technology and Nina Wormbs, KTH (Swedish)

KTH collegial forum, 12 April, 2021: The Government’s Research and Innovation Bill and KTH – The President of KTH reflect on KTH before, during and after a new research and innovation bill (Swedish).

KTH collegial forum, February 23, 2021: The Government’s new Research and Innovation Bill - more than a resource issue for KTH's researchers and teachers with Mats Benner, Lund University (Swedish).

KTH collegial forum, December 1, 2020: Academic citizens or guests at a research hotel? About organizational culture at KTH with Johann Packendorff, KTH (Swedish).

KTH collegial forum, October 12, 2020: What is academic freedom and what should it be? with Pam Fredman, Göteborgs universitet (Swedish).

KTH collegial forum, May 4, 2020: Control the uncontrollable - the universities' development in autonomy and collegiality with Linda Wedlin, Uppsala universitet (Swedish).