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The Transcript Widget function is now activated in KTH Play

Published Apr 28, 2021

On 14/4, 2021, the Transcript Widget function was activated in KTH Play. The widget automatically generates a searchable text version of uploaded, captioned videos in a text box below the video. You can also embed the widget on the web with Polopoly or in Canvas.

Captioned video becomes searchable

Using the Transcript Widget function in KTH Play creates a text version, also called a transcript, of a captioned video, i.e. all captions are placed in a text box below the video. The text version is automatically available under the video player in KTH Play via the "Show Transcript" button. You can also choose to include it when the video is embedded elsewhere, such as the web or Canvas.

When the video is playing, the text is highlighted continuously in the text box. By clicking the text, you can navigate to related times in the video. The widget has a simple search function, where search results are marked in yellow. You can also easily download the transcript as a txt file or print the transcript.

Read more about Transcript Widget in KTH Play .

The video below goes through the function (in Swedish) and has Transcript Widget activated.

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Last changed: Apr 28, 2021