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KTH's course room template to be introduced in Canvas HT2021

Published May 03, 2021

As of Autumn 2020, approximately 30 percent of the course rooms will contain KTH's new course room template, distributed across the various schools. With KTH's course room template, the courses get a more uniform design in Canvas. This makes it easier for both students and teachers as several courses have a similar structure. Students will recognize the structure and will not have to learn to navigate again when a new course starts. You fill in the course content yourself according to your particular course needs, just as usual. 

Easy to do right with the course room template

As of Autumn 2020, approximately 30 percent* of the course rooms will contain KTH's new course room template, and in spring 2022 the template will be implemented in all course rooms in Canvas. The course room template is available in English and Swedish. The language in which the course name is written controls which version of the course room template applies to your particular course room.

The template is designed to simplify for teachers and students, to make it easy to do the right thing. We want to simplify the use of Canvas and encourage the use of Canvas' more pedagogically oriented parts. The course room template does this by, for example, showing as few headings as possible in the course navigation menu, which helps to give all KTH's course rooms a uniform structure, and thereby make it easier for teachers and students.

The template also contains recommendations for how the course room can be structured and information on where you as a teacher can find tips and support about Canvas, as well as several recommended settings that are missing in the empty course rooms.

*The implementation takes place manually for courses that start during Spring 2021 (VT2021). The resources have currently stretched as far as 30%. The goal is for all courses to have received the template for Autumn 2022 (HT2022) through an automatic process.

Get started with the course room template

It is important for you as a teacher to know how the course room template is set up to be able to adapt it to your course needs. To help you along the way, E-learning has created a guide to the course room template settings .

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