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Panel discussion: How to plan the teaching session from your prerecorded video material?

Documentation from Lunch ‘n’ Learn 30 March 2022

Published Apr 21, 2022

A panel discussion was given on recorded lectures and how scheduled time can be designed from this condition. We discussed arranging the time, tools for interaction, participation, and aspects of a flipped classroom during the webinar.

Table of contents for the video

Here is a list of links that serve as a table of contents for the recording. Click on the link for the part you want to watch. When you get to KTH Play, click on the play button, and the video will start in the right place. All links lead to KTH Play. Please note that the video material is in Swedish.

0:43 – Per talks about WVS’s function

3:15 – Panel discussion starts, introductions of the panellists

6:46 – A typical teaching session

11:35 – Preparing the students and getting them engaged in the material.

16:40 – What type of material do you choose to record?

23:35 – How does this way of working affect the teaching and the student learning?

25:20 – How do you catch points of discussions and questions from the students before or during the lecture?

32:37 – How do you work with discussions and questions in student groups?

34:32 – Tips and ideas from the panel on where to start developing.

About the webinar


Niclas Hjelm, CBH, replaced theory reviews with theory videos at the part-distance foundation year programme, with fewer teaching hours and some Zoom teaching.  

Elizabeth Keller, ITM, uses preparatory material to introduce the course and before the sessions with the students.  

Olle Bälter, EECS, recorded studio-produced videos to replace lectures and has preparatory question material before sessions with students.  

Kristinn Gylfason, EECS, teaches in teacher teams and remade a course in 2015 to work more with the flipped concept and works with web-based quizzes as preparation for laboratory work. 

The webinar begins with a short presentation on the function of WVS, focusing on the installation of ministudios, followed by a panel discussion.  

During the panel discussions, the teachers shared how they use videos and other preparatory material in their teachings and how they handle student reactions to the material. The panel shares how they work to motivate students to watch the material in advance and what type of material they decide, for example, to make into videos. The teachers talk about their teaching sessions and what roles they take as teachers.  

Some of the panellists' tips to get started: 

  • Start small 

  • Focus on what the students gain the most from 

  • Develop over time 

  • Take a KTH course for teachers to develop your course

  • Work in a group, for example, in teacher teams. 

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