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What does the President say about change and Future Education at KTH

Anders Söderholm's introduction speech at the KTH SoTL 2023 conference

Published Mar 28, 2023

KTH President Anders Söderholm in this introduction speech at the KTH SoTL 2023 conference talks about what we must reflect on and take action on for the future of education.

See the transcription of the presentation further below.

The President about the change programme Future Education at KTH

"We don't know what the future looks like, that's the inherent quality of the future. But we all have a responsibility to actually think and try to help create favourable conditions for the education of the future."

"It is for the students' education and for their future that we are doing this. It is challenging to do all this and to launch this programme right now. When we also have an economy that is somewhat strained with large cost increases. But at the same time, it is now that we have to do this and I hope we can combine the need for change that the pressure from the economy and the cost of premises has created with the pressure to develop the organisation in connection with this. And we're not doing it because we have to, as I said, or because someone else is dictating the terms. We are doing this because we want to improve and ensure that our students are well prepared for their future careers."

Timings of the President's speech

In his speech, Anders highlights certain principles:

  • 2.33: About the principle (2) Ability to handle wicked problems for the sustainable societal development – the desire to become a leader in problem-based learning.
  • 4.43: About the principle (5) Available experimental environments – the airbag risk and the programme's opportunities.
  • 07.40: About the principle (6) Vibrant campus - a question whose box we have just opened and sniffed the contents.
  • 9.49: About the principle (13) Lifelong learning – may be the source of the greatest pressure for change.

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The President's speech with transcription

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