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Background - Why change KTH's educational activities?

About the programme in brief

About the change programme Future Education at KTH


The case

"KTH is constantly developing its activities. KTH was one of the founders of CDIO, a framework created around the turn of the millennium to develop the next generation of engineers. KTH has four strategic areas on which its activities are based: Sustainability, Gender Equality, Internationalisation and Digitalisation. These four strategic areas and the mindsets from the CDIO frameworks are a starting point for the universities that KTH wants to be. To intensify the development work, the Vice president for Education and the Vice president for Digitalisation, through the business plan for KTH in 2021 (V-2020-0856), have been commissioned to coordinate a survey on the learning and learning environments of the future."

"The work has resulted in the report A framework for future education at KTH (Diary number V-2021-0870). The report contains proposals for principles that will characterise the work to develop KTH's education so that the programmes remain highly relevant and attractive in the increased competition between national and international higher education institutions and new education actors. An important starting point for the work is also the importance of education for a transformation towards a sustainable society, in which KTH will maintain and develop its role."

Read more about the decision here Decision on principles for Future Education at KTH (V-2022-0380) 

From the framework report

The board of Education's report "A framework for future education at KTH", mentioned in the decision on the principles above, describes in the introductory summary the identified need for the investigation work and the background to the framework. Read the summary and find the analysis part of the report on page The business environment analysis

See the timeline of investigation and initiation

Time before and initiation of the programme

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