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Examples of learning activities

In this section you can read more about different examples of learning activities used by teachers at KTH. The purpose of these examples is to inspire you as a teacher and give some useful tips for your teaching. Feel free to use these learning activities as they are, or you may adapt them to fit your course better.

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Examples of examination solutions

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Examples of examination solutions

These examples have been produced by employees of E-learning who are or have recently been students and come from courses they have taken during their time at KTH.

Maintain students' focus

There are several different methods to help your students regain focus during information-intense lectures. The examples here aim to reset students' focus by activating them and creating variety in the presentation.

Maintain students’ focus


In this example, a logbook was used for the students to reflect on their learning in the course. Every week, students wrote about their thoughts based on a given topic in a shared document. The students were also tasked with reading and commenting on the reflections of two other students.


Quiz as Retrieval Practice

This example is based on the retrieval practice concept. In the course, quizzes help students learn the information more long-term. The students have an infinite number of attempts, and the quiz is not grade-based.

Quiz as Retreival Practice

Peer Instructure

In this example, the teacher used the concept of Peer Instruction. The students took part of the material before the teaching session and during the lecture, the focus was on processing the material through discussion among the students.

Peer Instruction

Supplemental Instruction

In this example, recurring meetings were held during the course, based on the concept of Supplemental Instruction (SI). The SI concept is that older students who have taken the course before are holding the meetings and helping new students to discuss the material together.

Supplemental Instruction

Question-based learning

In the course, question-based learning (QBL) has been implemented to prepare the students for the teaching sessions. By providing constructive feedback on questions, the students are guided towards accurate information, establishing a strong foundation for effective teaching opportunities.

Question-based learning

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