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Combine different learning activities

In today's teaching, there is a need to go beyond the classic classroom teaching or to combine it with other learning activities. Here we present established teaching methods that combine different learning activities. You also get tips on increasing digital collaboration between your students.

Blended learning

Blended learning is a concept and a form of teaching that has become increasingly popular. The term blended learning refers to the mixture of different learning environments, for example e-learning in combination with traditional classroom methods.Read more about how you can do in your course and about the support given to KTH's teachers.

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Flipped Classroom

With the Flipped Classroom method, you can use the learning platform to share, for example, films or other material in advance. The students prepare and you use the lessons to discuss and immerse yourself in the content together.

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Increase communication and student collaboration within your course

Do you want to kickstart the digital collaboration between the students? Peer feedback, break out rooms and discussion forums are some ways to do that. Stefan Hrastinski (professor at the Digital Learning unit, KTH) gives his tips on which methods and tools that can be used.

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