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Mentimeter taken under management by E-learning

Published Mar 23, 2021

Mentimeteris a web-based presentation tool and digital system for interactive polls, quizzes and more for distance learning and classroom teaching. It is now under management by E-learning. Here you can read more about how to use Mentimeter.

Mentimeter increases student interactivity

Mentimeter is a quiz and presentation tool where interactive quiz questions and presentation slides can be mixed in the same presentation. Mentimeter is a way to activate the students and check if they understand the lecture, but it can not be used for examination. It can also be used to get direct course feedback from the students, for example to evaluate what they think about the lectures and if they have suggestions for improvement.

Mentimeter: Both in classroom and for distance teaching on Zoom

KTH has a campus license for Mentimeter so that all employees and students can use the tool. With Mentimeter, teachers can directly get student feedback on their lectures, among other things, with the help of quizzes, polls and open-ended questions. Students access the questions through a code on, and since students answer via a website, it is just as easy to use the tool remotely as in a classroom.

Advantages of Mentimeter

  • There are many different types of questions and presentation slides to choose from.
  • Mentimeter is a user-friendly system that is intuitive and easy to get started with for both teachers and students.
  • The students answer anonymously, which can lead to more people daring to answer.
  • The system can be used in both distance and classroom teaching.
  • With Mentimeter, students can ask questions to the teacher.

More information about Mentimeter

Mentimeter on the intranet .

Mentimeter's support pages ( .

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