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The presentation and quiz tool Mentimeter

Mentimeter is a web-based presentation tool and digital system for interactive polls, quizzes and more. Participants can vote in real time for different alternatives or write their own answers. As an employee or student at KTH, you can use this in your presentations or when you are teaching, both in classrooms and over Zoom.

Remember GDPR when using Mentimeter

Since, in theory, Mentimeter could track answers back to individual participants, it is essential to avoid questions that contain sensitive information. You should also avoid asking questions that might lead to participants submitting answers containing sensitive information.

Quiz questions in your presentation

Mentimeter is a presentation tool that has several different types of interactive quiz questions for many different occasions, including multiple choice, open questions, word clouds and two-dimensional graphs.

Feel free to read the guides to question types for Mentimeter ( .

You create or import your presentation and questions through the Mentimeter website. Then the participants can answer the questions through a code on the website or via a direct link from you. The results from the vote can easily be shared during the vote or afterwards.

Everyone at KTH can use it

KTH has a campus license for Mentimeter, so all employees and students have access to the tool free of charge.

Get started with Mentimeter

Want to know how to start using Mentimeter? Read more about how to activate and link your Mentimeter account to your KTH account, and see which guides can help you get started.

Get started with Mentimeter

Share and collaborate in Mentimeter

The new “Collaboration” function makes it possible to collaborate in and share a Mentimeter presentation with all your colleagues and students at KTH.

Share and collaborate in Mentimeter

Webinars about Mentimeter

Here we have collected a few recorded Lunch 'n’ Learn webinars about Mentimeter.

Webinars about Mentimeter