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The presentation and quiz tool Mentimeter

Mentimeter is a web-based presentation tool and digital system for interactive polls, quizzes and more. Participants can vote in real time, through an automatically generated code, for different alternatives or write their own answers. As an employee or student at KTH, you can use this in your presentations or when you are teaching, both in classrooms and over Zoom.

Remember GDPR when using Mentimeter

Since, in theory, Mentimeter could track answers back to individual participants, it is essential to avoid questions that contain sensitive information and avoid asking questions that might lead to participants submitting answers containing sensitive information.

Quiz questions in your presentation

Mentimeter is a presentation tool that has several different types of interactive quiz questions for many different occasions, including multiple choice, open questions, word clouds and two-dimensional graphs.

Feel free to read the guides to question types for Mentimeter ( .

You create or import your presentation and questions through the Mentimeter website. Then the participants can answer the questions through a code on the website or via a direct link from you.

The results from the vote can easily be shared during the vote or afterwards.

PowerPoint presentations integrate statically into Mentimeter

Mentimeter only accepts PowerPoint slides as static pictures when integrated into a Mentimeter presentation, which has led some presenters to switch between their actual presentation (in PowerPoint) and their questions in Mentimeter during their presentations. You can smoothly switch between applications on a Windows computer by holding down the Alt-key and pressing the Tab-key (the one above Caps Lock).

It is possible to make the presentation directly in Mentimeter, but it has fewer functions than PowerPoint. With that said, those we have asked have not felt restricted when using Mentimeter for their presentations.

Employees and students, in classrooms and online

KTH has a campus license for Mentimeter, so all employees and students have access to the tool.

Since Mentimeter supports many different question types and the participants interact with your presentation through a digital device, such as a mobile phone, the participants do not have to be in the same room to participate. As Mentimeter is web-based, participants only have to go to the link you give them and can then actively participate in the meeting, presentation or class activities no matter where they are. If you have participants over Zoom, we recommend that you share your screen to display the result of the poll there as well, not just on the projector.

The tool is also helpful in a Flipped Classroom -situation, where students before class can answer questions at their own pace, and the questions can then be the focal point for work in the classroom.

Switch between "Presenter pace" and "Audience pace" (

Uses of Mentimeter

Mentimeters have many uses in many different situations, such as activating students during a lecture, voting on topics of discussion at a meeting or to gather ongoing feedback. However, flexibility can create challenges unless you are careful.

Read more about Uses of Mentimeter .

Get started with Mentimeter

Want to know how to start using Mentimeter? Read more about how to activate and link your Mentimeter account to your KTH account, and see which guides can help you get started.

Read more about Get started with Mentimeter .

Share and collaborate in Mentimeter

The new “Collaboration” function makes it possible to collaborate in and share a Mentimeter presentation with all your colleagues and students at KTH.

Read more about Share and collaborate in Mentimeter .

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