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Share and collaborate in Mentimeter

The “collaboration” function makes it possible to collaborate in and share a Mentimeter presentation with all your colleagues and students at KTH.

Work together on the same presentation

With the requested function "collaboration", you can share and collaborate in presentations together with your colleagues. This is useful if there are several of you who need access to the same presentation, several people can work in the presentation at the same time and all changes are saved automatically.

You avoid the hassle of sharing photos and trying to copy and paste what is needed. Several people can easily work in the same space, which saves time and energy.

Edit during the presentation

Presentations in Mentimeter can be edited live, that is, at the same time as they are used. This means that e.g. a colleague can edit while presenting, or vice versa. To avoid overlap and incorrect communication, Mentimeter has ensured that two colleagues can not edit in the same slide at the same time, nor can you open the presentation in presentation mode if your colleague is already in presentation mode.

Share with everyone at KTH

Everyone who logs in to Mentimeter with their KTH account automatically becomes part of KTH's workspace and can thus share their presentations with everyone else in KTH's workspace.

Note that since everyone who has logged in with their KTH login is in the same workspace, you do not need to enter a colleague's e-mail address to share a presentation, it is enough to start writing the name of the person you want to share with and then choose them in the list.