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The People function in Canvas

In this function you can see and handle different users, see their role in their respective Canvas room and groups in Canvas. Normally a user is added to a Canvas room automatically through Ladok or Kopps. It is also possible to add users manually, even for those without a KTH account.

The function “People” in Canvas gives you as a teacher an overview of which users and roles that exist in your course room or examination room. If the function is visible for students, then it enables the students to see everyone else who is taking the course. In an examination room it is therefore recommended to keep the function hidden, whilst in a course room the teacher can decide how students should get in touch with other students to study with.

Groups and group assignments in Canvas

In Canvas it is possible to create student groups for collaboration for group assignments, co-writing pages, and more. It is also possible to allow the students themselves to choose groups and create groups.

Read more about Groups and group assignments in Canvas .

Sections in Canvas

Sections helps dividing students within a course and allows section specific options, for example having different due dates for assignments, discussions and quiz. You as a teacher will also see which sections the students belong to under People and in the Gradebook. Students will see which sections they belong to unless you choose to hide it.

Read more about Sections in Canvas .

Add users manually to a Canvas room

For instructions of how to add people manually in Canvas to your sandbox, course room, examination room etc. Read the page Add users manually to a Canvas room .

More information about users in Canvas

To handle attendance for specific occasions or lessons, Canvas has the function “Attendance”. Read more at Attendance at Canvas Community


Currently, the Attendance (Roll Call) function in Canvas does not work

Troubleshooting is ongoing and we are working on a solution. This is just one of several ways to take attendance in Canvas. Contact  if you want to know more.

If you wish to learn more about how users are added in Canvas: How users are added to Canvas

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