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Add users manually to a Canvas room

Follow the instructions below for manual management of users in Canvas rooms. With the function “People”, users can be added to your sandbox, course room and examination room etc. Due to legal reasons the function of adding users can be disabled for certain course rooms.

Regarding automatic syncs

Users in course rooms in Canvas are synced from other systems most of the time. Which system to add the users to depends on the type of user.

Students, course registration and exam registration

It is important that the students always are added to Ladok and from there through the sync added automatically to the course room in Canvas. Students that are not correctly registered for the course do not possess the legal right to take the course, cannot get their results reported, or CSN for completed studies. Adding a student manually comes with the risk that the student believes that they are correctly registered to the course. Contact your course administrator for help with adding a student through Ladok.

Teachers, examiner and assistants

For teachers and examiners to get the correct access to a course room they must be added to Canvas through Kopps. Contact your local Kopps administrator for help to get into Canvas. Assistants can be added through Kopps or they can be added by the course teachers in KTHs group editor. Problems with permissions can arise through manual management in Canvas. In an examination room the examiner can add teachers and assistants directly in Canvas.

Adding users manually to a Canvas room

In short, users can be added manually to the following Canvas rooms:

  • Manually created course rooms
  • Sandboxes
  • Examination rooms (only teachers and assistants).

You can not add users manually to automatically created course rooms.

To add users, go to the Canvas room and choose the function “People” in the menu. Then click on the button “+ People”.

You will then see a dialog box with the title “Add people” which asks if you want to add users by email, login id or SIS ID. Choose “Email address”.

In the square below write down the email addresses of the people (a teacher for example) that you wish to add. Separate the email addresses with a comma and a space, or write one email per row.

Screenshot pop-up Add users. Email address is chosen and the role teacher is highlighted.

Make sure to set Role to "Teacher" or the correct role for the person(s).

Note: If a person that you are adding should have access to all sections, for example a teacher who will teach/examine in all sections of your Canvas course, then you need to add the person/teacher one section at a time. If your Canvas room is separated in two or more sections you will have to redo the process multiple times.

After this is done, proceed further by clicking "Next".

Screenshot pop-up with teacher list. The Add Users button in the bottom right corner is highlighted.

A smaller dialog box will appear with a list of the persons/teachers that will be added along with their email addresses. All persons/teachers you’ve added should be recognised by the system and given a name in the list, otherwise something has gone wrong.

If everything looks correct, click the "Add Users" button.

If you need more information there are more guides about adding users to Canvas at Canvas Community .

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