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The most important news in Canvas ahead of P3 VT22

Documentation from Lunch 'n' Learn 26 January 2022

Published Feb 01, 2022

Do you work practically with education at KTH and have not had the time to update yourself on the news and new functionalities in Canvas at KTH? This webinar gives you a quick rundown ahead of the spring semester. Here is the documentation (links and video) from the Lunch 'n' Learn webinar on the most important news in Canvas ahead of P3 VT22.

Table of contents for the video

Here is a list of links that serve as a table of contents for the recording. Click on the link for the part you want to watch. When you get to KTH Play, click on the play button, and the video will start in the right place. All links lead to KTH Play.

00:48 Short introduction to KTH's course room template

02:31 Quick view of the features and some of the settings: Homepage, Syllabus, Modules, Announcements, People tab, Assignments, Grades, Modules, Gradebook, Course grading scheme

06:05 Template is default in English. How to download template (also Swedish version)

07:56 When are course rooms created and what is new in this process?

11:01 Introduction to KTH Import Exams, publish exam room, create and publish the assignment and some important things to know

13:39 The import process (and special cases; exams that will not be able to import)

15:37 After the import: settings, start grading with SpeedGrader

18:27 Recommendation to always use Canvas for feedback

18:59 KTH Transfer To Ladok 

20:42 Classic Quiz "end of life"- what happens and what should I as a teacher know and do? 

About the webinar

During the webinar, the E-learning team update you on important news and new functionalities in Canvas, such as the full implementation of the course room template, KTH Import Exams and the new process of handling students connected to a course room. 

The webinar is targeted to all staff who work practically with the education at KTH and foremost to those who did not teach during the autumn semester and may not have followed the E-learning news flow. The webinar is in English.

Uniformity and simplicity with the course room template

The idea behind the course room template is for it to make it easier for students and teachers to use Canvas; it should be easy to do “right”, and the structure will be more familiar. The course room template comes with a few functions visible in the course menu, and every teacher can make simple changes to show just what they need published in their course.

A more uniform structure in the course rooms will make it easier for students to find the material and teachers to work with the course room. The course room template comes with guide material on how to use the template, and E-learning will gladly answer any questions on both technical and pedagogical issues.

Changes in how students are handled in course rooms 

Course rooms are now created based on the course start date set in Kopps. The purpose of the change is to get a more effective process. The course room is created 9 months before the course start date, and it’s at that point possible to start working in the room. Admitted students and registered students are added automatically at intervals after the course room is created. Even teachers, examiners, and other "roles" are added in accordance with the same procedure.

The other change is the removal of registered and admitted students in Canvas. The change will mainly affect students and if they have forgotten to register. Read more under the headline "Consequences for students" in the news post Course rooms are linked to the start of the course instead of the period (2022-01-18) .

Import your scanned exams to Canvas using KTH Import Exams

The possibility to assess hand-written documents in SpeedGrader is smooth for many, especially for teachers with large courses. The development of KTH Import Exams started 2021 and since then, 120 courses have taken part in the pilot and about 10.000 hand-written exams have been imported to Canvas. To be able to import a student's exam to Canvas, the student must be, or have been, registered for the course at KTH.

Classic Quiz to be fully replaced by New Quizzes

Canvas has two quiz engines, and in 2024 one of them will be removed: Classic quiz. It will be phased out in sections to allow teachers to migrate their quiz questions from Classic Quiz to New Quizzes. The recommendation from E-learning is to move your items as soon as possible.

Watch the video recording with transcription in KTH Play

You can click anywhere in the text below in the video, and the player will go to that section. You can also download the transcript as a text file inside KTH Play, if you use Firefox or Safari. If you want to avoid seeing the transcript, you can either select full screen, or see the section in KTH Play where you can choose to hide the transcript by clicking on "Hide transcript".