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Abstract submission

The KTH SoTL conference welcomes contributions of several formats. You can find instructions about the abstract process including important dates and deadlines, guidelines for abstracts and session formats together with the review criteria below. The abstract period is now closed.

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Abstract process timeline


Note! The abstract submission period is now closed. The review period is ongoing.


Guidelines for abstract (all formats)

The abstract should include 200-700 words including references. If the abstract is accepted, the submitted version will be published online at the KTH SoTL website. Hence, there are no possibilities to make changes in the abstracts after submission. Use the following 5 headlines and add 2-4 keywords:


  1. Background and purpose
  2. Work done/work in progress
  3. Results/observations/lessons learned
  4. Take-home message
  5. References

Review and notification of results

The KTH SoTL team makes the final decision based on the reviewers' assessment and recommendations. When the abstracts have been reviewed, the authors will receive an email notifying if the abstract has been accepted or rejected, including comments from the reviewers. Each abstract will be reviewed by two members of faculty at KTH according to the criteria below (double-blind process). When the decsion is made, there will be no opportunity to make changes in the abstract.

The comments from the reviewers are intended to help the authors to create the best possible session and to give the author feedback on writing pedagogical and educational abstracts.

Full papers are not required for this conference. The abstract will be published at KTH SoTL website.

Proposals will be considered according to the following criteria 

A picture that has the Criteria in English but can be downloaded as a PDF
Criteria in English