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Education in Preventing and Managing Workplace Conflicts for Leaders/Managers

The training takes a comprehensive approach to conflict management in the workplace. Participants gain tools to understand, prevent, and handle conflicts. The result is secure managers and leaders with a common approach to conflict management.

Tid: Ti 2024-04-09 kl 08.30 - 16.30

Plats: KTH Campus, the specific room will be communicated in the confirmation

Språk: English

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The deadline for registration is April 2, 2024.

Registration for the education in preventing and managing workplace conflicts

Booking Terms 

The course fee is approximately 3,000 SEK/participant for a group of 15 people. The course fee is adjusted based on the number of participants. Registration is binding, and the course fee will be invoiced to the participant's school/department after the registration deadline, so approval from the immediate supervisor is required for registration.


In case of more applicants than available seats, selection will be based on a more even distribution across the organization and gender. Limited participants to a maximum of 20 and a minimum of 10.

Course Content

  • Understand conflicts: What is good cooperation, how conflicts escalate, and which solutions are appropriate depending on the conflict.
  • Roles in the event of conflict: The role and responsibility of the employee, manager and HR in small and large conflicts in the workplace.
  • Conflict prevention: It is the manager's job to catch early signals of conflict and deal with them at an early stage. Different tools are presented.
  • Measures in case of conflict: Depending on the conflict, different measures may be needed. Different approaches are presented, and an analysis case is analyzed in small groups.
  • Managing conflicts: Mediation for minor conflicts in theory and practice.

The education is characterized by an impartial approach, strengthening the ability to intervene in a situation and conduct problems solving conversations without being perceived as a party to the conflict. Medlingscentrum provides the printed guide for mediation in minor conflicts and a course compendium as support.

Throughout the training day, group discussions are interspersed with lectures, exercises, and analysis of real conflict cases. After the course, participants have concrete tools to prevent conflicts in workgroups. They can assess the seriousness of a conflict, suggest appropriate solutions, and mediate in everyday conflicts.

Target group

Managers and leaders with personnel and/or supervisory responsibilities.


One day (8 hours) with a mix of theory and case studies. Participants receive handouts. Lunch and refreshments are provided.

Training fee

The course fee is approximately 3,000 SEK/participant for a group of 15 people. The course fee is adjusted based on the number of participants.

Course Leader

Annika Thomsson, Medlingscentrum


Personal Development, personalutveckling@kth.se