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Complexity, systems thinking, collective intelligence and stupidity

Docent lecture by Daniel Pargman, Division of Media Technology and Interaction Design at the Department of Human Centered Technology

Tid: On 2022-03-16 kl 14.00

Plats: KTH Visualization Studio (VIC), Lindstedtsvägen 5, house D, floor 3, room 4450

Videolänk: https://kth-se.zoom.us/j/62096011569

Språk: English

Medverkande: Daniel Pargman

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In his long-awaited docent lecture, Daniel Pargman will attempt to answer a subset of the following questions:

  • How does change happen?
  • Why can control be bad?
  • What is the downside of complexity?
  • How come intelligent people can be stupid together?
  • How can intelligent people be ingenious together?
  • What characterizes creative environments?
  • Are solutions the chief source of problems?
  • How do you plan for the unexpected?
  • Why is sustainability a good idea?
  • How do you solve super wicked problems?
  • How big are you?
  • Why should academia lead the way?

While this abstract might seem whimsical, the docent lecture doesn’t have to be. And whoever comes is the right people. The lecture will also be available to attend via zoom: https://kth-se.zoom.us/j/62096011569.