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Ride the tide with the drive: the hidden world of drives for electric machines

Docent lecture by Luca Peretti

Tid: To 2022-06-16 kl 11.00

Plats: Sten Velander, Teknikringen 33, floor 4, room 3412

Videolänk: Zoom room

Språk: English

Medverkande: Luca Peretti

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The lecture focuses on the role of electric machines and drives in the context of the modern trends of electrification, renewable energy penetration, and robotics.

In the first part of the presentation, simple examples and calculations reveal how the hidden contribution of such components is a key for the future sustainable society.

In the second part, the lecturer goes through his own experiences – first industrial, then academic – on electric drives in the last 15 years, following the evolution of the technology at close range.

The third part of the presentation discusses two running KTH umbrella projects, as two examples that explore the future of electric machines and drives by pushing the existing theories and technologies to the edges. The first project deals with the remaining lifetime estimation of electric machines, while the second presents a new class of electric drives: the variable phase-pole drives.