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Folk Song Lab: Deconstruction, improvisation and flow

Tid: Ti 2021-10-19 kl 15.00

Plats: Online

Medverkande: Susanne Rosenberg, KMH

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he Sound and Music Computing and Creative Media Technology teams at KTH kindly welcome you all to the Sound and Music Interactions seminar on Tuesday October 19, 15:00 (sharp)-16:00.

In this seminar, we have Susanne Rosenberg (KMH) as a speaker presenting her folk song research, see below for more detail on the content.

Folk Song Lab

Deconstruction, improvisation and flow

Susanne Rosenberg

In the interdisciplinary project Folk Song Lab, supported by Swedish Research Council, different artistic methods are used to simulate flow in interactive group improvisation sessions. Without verbal instructions, collective improvisation sessions are performed. 

Can a combination of artistic and neurological valuations of this material provide clues to the emergence of group flow in interactive improvisation sessions? Is it possible to learn singing styles and forms by collective improvisation? How can this knowledge be disseminated to peers in the same field? 

The project aims to create new artistic knowledge and skills. The project leader, Susanne Rosenberg, has formed the improvisation methods that take their starting point in traditional folk singing styles and forms.

Susanne Rosenberg is a folk singer and professor at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Visit Folk Song Lab site: folksonglab.com