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Presentation of Thor Magnusson’s "Sonic Writing"

Tid: Ti 2023-10-03 kl 15.00

Plats: KMH Royal College of Music, room 1D220, floor 2

Videolänk: Zoom link

Språk: English

Medverkande: Mattias Sköld - KMH Royal College of Music and KTH Royal Institute of Technology

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Thor Magnusson - Cover page of  "Sonic Writing"


The publication Sonic Writing is the result of a research project exploring the materials used in musical practice. This is done by looking at today’s technologies for music in light of Western musical development throughout history, going from material inscriptions in musical instruments and symbolic inscription on paper to the signal inscriptions of recordings and the digital writing today. This seminar provides an overview of the monograph published as the final result of Magnusson’s research project.


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