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Theory of Motion

We are very glad to invite you to the Sound and Music Interaction Seminar with Alexander Sonnenfeld.

Tid: Ti 2023-04-18 kl 15.00

Plats: Room 1440 "Henrik Eriksson", Osquars backe 2, floor 4

Videolänk: Video recording of the seminar

Språk: English

Medverkande: Alexander Sonnenfeld, sxratch.com

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Boomerang Drumming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Os4XSqXnmI
Boomerang Drumming


In this lecture I speak about Theory of Motion which provides a theoretical and methodological framework for creating a notation system for sample-based digital live performance. Initially it was established in 1999 for DJ scratching but evolved to all forms of so-called controllerism. I will provide insights into the historical background of turntablism and offer my personal thoughts on why it has become one of the most fascinating musical art forms of the 21st century.

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