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Find courses

Here you can find information on how you as a doctoral student can find the doctoral courses offered at KTH.

General study syllabuses for each programme

In each subject's general study plan (ASP), you will find compulsory and recommended courses for your programme. The ASP that you should look at is the one that was valid at your study start date.

You can find the general doctoral subject syllabuses here

How to find courses - use "Search course"

In KTH's Search course website , you can find all courses given at KTH and search for specific categories, e.g. courses at doctoral level in architecture and the built environment. You can search among all courses given at KTH by entering course name, part of name or course code. Under "Choose from other search criteria", you have the opportunity to narrow your search to only see the courses that are at doctoral level and subject-wise within for example "All within Architecture and the Built Environment" or a division / department. However, you can not apply a doctoral programme, subject or specialization. Search for a course in the course and programme directory

NOTE! To see all ABE's courses do not choose any course start dates/periods. If you enter start dates, you only get courses that have course rounds entered in the system, which currently few doctoral courses have.

When is the course given?

At present, there are few doctoral courses that have course rounds added in the system. If you are interested in a course, you should therefore contact the contact person and / or examiner listed on the course information page to find out when the course will be given next time. You may also contact the Programme Director (PA) of your doctoral programme. Contact information for ABE Programme Directors