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Here you can find the process for admitting a doctoral student at the ABE school.



Before the admission process to the doctoral programme can begin, a study place must be opened.

The application for admission to doctoral student is submitted to the doctoral studies office. The application need to be complete in order for processing to begin. The application documents are drawn up at the department and reviewed by the department's third cycle administrator,  who then hands over the complete application to the doctoral studies office.

What must be included in an application differs depending on whether the funding includes a doctoral student employment at KTH, other employment (industrial doctoral student) or a scholarship.

Important information

The form for the application for admission can be found in the ABE School's form archive  under “Forskarutbildning”
Note: There are different forms depending on whether the application applies to a licentiate degree or doctoral degree.

Desired admission date must be stated on the application form in the decision section.

If the application is for a licentiate degree, the box "brief motivation for admittance to licentiate studies" need to be left blank. The explanation for motivation can be found in the initiation letter that was submitted in the process for the opening of a study place.