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Decision on change of Director and extension of centre - Centre for Building Efficiency (CBE)

Published Sep 29, 2021

Vice-President for Research Annika Stensson Trigell has decided to:
-extend the Centre for Building Efficiency's (CBE) term of office to 2022-06-30.
-extend the steering group's term of office to 2022-06-30.
-approve a new director, Johan Silfwerbrand, with a term of office of 2021-09-01 -- 2022-06-30.

About the Centre for Building Efficiency (CBE)

The Centre for Building Efficiency (CBE) was established in 2016 as a platform for collaboration between academia, business and society in the field of the built environment, with the operational areas network building, research and development as well as knowledge dissemination and education. The Director has previously been Kent Eriksson, ABE School.

Centre for Building Efficiency (CBE)

The centre is proposed an extension to the term of office until 2022-06-30. The Centre for Building Efficiency must submit a self-assessment prior to a possible further extension of the term of office.

The centre's steering group proposes Johan Silfwerbrand, ABE school, as a new director. The proposal is anchored with the management of the ABE school. The term of office is proposed to be 2021-09-01 -- 2022-06-30. Johan Silfwerbrand has been asked and has accepted the assignment.

The centre's current steering group is proposed to be extended to 2022-06-30, with the exception of member Johan Silfwerbrand who, as the proposed new director, will be rapporting to the steering group.

The steering group is therefore proposed to consist of:

Jan Kjellson, Stockholm Builders' Association and Peab (chair)
Mats Wilhelmsson, KTH
Grgo Omazic, Peab
Anna Martin, Akademiska Hus
Hans Söderström, Installatörsföretagen
Pontus Gruhs, Swedish Transport Administration
Ulrika Grundström, Tyréns