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Decision on establishment of competence centre formation KTH Environmental Humanities Lab, EHL

Published Sep 06, 2022

The President has decided to establish the competence centre formation KTH Environmental Humanities Lab, EHL, with the term of office 01-01-2023 – 12-31-2027. The ABE school is appointed as the host school for the KTH Environmental Humanities Lab. In connection with this, Marco Armiero has been appointed Centre Director with a term of office until 31/03/2028.

Since its inception in 2012, the  has been a world leader in its field - humanistic knowledge of the environment and climate. The mission is to develop knowledge and collaboration around societal challenges in the spirit of the global sustainability goals. Social transformation - readjustment -- is EHL's expertise and focus is on climate change, migration, justice and just change, urban challenges, natural resources, policy and environmental governance.

With the transformation of the Environmental Humanities Lab into a full-scale competence centre, KTH wants to strengthen the existing EHL activities and thereby speed up the integration of humanities and technical knowledge in the university. KTH's strong position as a technical faculty with its rich flora of courses, educational options and leading research areas ensures that it can drive the building of knowledge and the transformation towards a more sustainable society. At the same time, EHL is gradually being built further around the original core "environment" and developing the concept of integrative humanistic knowledge around climate, energy, data, media and urban issues.