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Decision on coordinator for export control issues

Published Jan 13, 2022

Head of School has decided to appoint Franziska Sperling as the school's coordinator for export control issues.

Franziska Sperling
Franziska Sperling
administrativ samordnare 087908656

The school's coordinator should:

  • Compile the school's sales of export-controlled products annually and report it to the export control function at the Research Support Office.
  • Send copies of commercial documents (invoices, delivery notes, etc.) and other documentation specifically related to transactions of export-controlled products, including technical assistance, to the export control function of the Research Support Office.
  • Inform the Head of School about the school's export control situation.
  • Be the school's contact person for export control issues towards other employees at KTH.
  • Notify the export control function for research support when any activity within the school requires special support for export control.
  • Always notify the export control function when the activity includes munitions or when information has been received that the intended end user of an item, software or information is to use the product for military purposes, for any aspect of weapons of mass destruction or for cyber surveillance.

In decision V-2021-0715, the President has established the governing document "Tasks and decision-making power in export control". The governing document regulates the division of tasks and responsibilities within the university's work in export control. The governing document gives the Head of School the task of appointing a coordinator for export control issues within the school.