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Decision on the appointment of Programme Directors for doctoral programmes

Published Jun 23, 2022

Acting Head of School decides, in consultation with the Director for Third Cycle Education, to appoint Programme Directors (PA) for the doctoral programmes listed below.

Doctoral programme

Programme Director (PA)

Term of office


Art, Technology and Design 2022-07-01--2023-06-30
Civil and Architectural Engineering 2022-07-01--2026-06-30
Geodesy and Geoinformatics 2022-07-01--2026-06-30
Land and Water Resources Engineering 2022-07-01--2023-06-30
Planning and Decision Analysis 2022-07-01--2023-06-30
Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences of Technology, Science, and the Environment 2022-07-01--2026-06-30
The Built Environment and Society: Management, Economics and Law 2022-07-01--2026-06-30

Programme Director (PA)

According to KTH's guidelines on the organisation of education (V-2019-0629), the Programme Director at doctoral level is responsible for:

• monitoring issues concerning the doctoral students' educational environment
• the programme's systematic quality work
• that the programme meets the programme's learning objectives
• implementation of the programme
• introduction for doctoral students
• programme cohesive contact and information

The Programme Director leads forums at programme level (programme council) with teachers, education officers, and, where applicable, external representatives. Students have the right to be represented.