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Establishment of the Road2Science 3.0 centre and signing of consortium agreement

Published Feb 09, 2024

The President has decided to establish the centre Road2Science 3.0 (R2S 3.0).and sign the consortium agreement for the Swedish Competence Centre in Road Technology.
The term of office for the centre is 2023 - 2032 and the proposed director is Nicole Kringos, ABE.

Road2Science 3.0 is established to be a node within the new Swedish Competence Centre in Road Technology that started on 1 January 2023 and has a time frame of 12 years, with an evaluation every two years. The centre is based on participation from Sweden's four technical universities (KTH, Chalmers, Lund and Luleå) and
The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) and will be supported by the Swedish Transport Administration.

Road2Science 3.0 will take responsibility for linking relevant ongoing and new KTH activities to the centre, stimulating sufficient research proposals from the KTH node and ensuring active engagement of KTH researchers and its partners to the centre.

The steering group has the following composition with term of office 2023-2032:

  • Eva Gustavsson, Swedish Transport Administration (chair)
  • Nicole Kringos, KTH
  • Holger Wallbaum, Chalmers
  • Anita Ihs, VTI
  • Annika Mårtensson, LTH
  • Charlotta Johansson, LTU