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She is the new Fire Protection Officer at ABE

Published Nov 01, 2023

Merja Carlqvist takes over the role of Fire Protection Officer at the ABE school from 1 November.
The Fire Protection Officer organises, documents, informs and follows up the local fire protection work, as well as participates in the municipal fire inspection. The role also includes cooperation with the school's managers for flammable goods.

Merja Carlqvist

What does your new role entail?

- As Fire Protection Officer, my task is to ensure that the school implements and follows up the local systematic fire protection work. I also act as an information link between evacuation leaders, KTH's security and the rescue service in the event of a fire.

Why is systematic fire protection work important?

- Fire risk is one of the biggest operational risks for a large organisation like KTH.

Therefore, we work actively and systematically to both prevent, manage and limit consequences. The systematic work is about preventing and averting the risk of fire, increasing our ability to handle a fire incident and limiting the consequences that may arise as a result of a fire.

What does it mean more concretely?

- Among other things, that we carry out regular checks of the school's premises and lab environments. We also have fire drills where we practice evacuating different properties and follow up on how it went and what needs to be improved. KTH also organises courses in basic fire protection for all employees to take part in.

For questions about the school's systematic fire protection work, contact