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New Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Treatment responsible

Published Feb 19, 2018

A new role of responsibility has been added at school level; Director of Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Treatment (JMLA). At the ABE school, Deputy Head of school Mats Wilhelmsson, has been appointed for the role.

The responsibility of the local JMLA is to manage the local work on equal oppportunities, diversity and equal treatment issues and the gender equality integration at the school in close collaboration with KTH's newly established Equality Office. Equality Office will arrange continuous meetings with the local JMLA for knowledge and experience exchanges. Gender equality integration means that a gender equality perspective should be incorporated into all decision-making, at all levels and at all stages of the process, by the regular decision makers. Appointing the role to the Deputy Head of school provides a strong mandate and the opportunity to ensure that a perspective of gender equality is integrated into all regular activities and decision making.

As a first step, the work will focus on analysing the structure of the local organisation (eg regarding salary differences, different opportunities for academic careers, etc.) in Spring 2018, followed by analysis of the organisation's culture (including analysis of the answers from the upcoming employee survey) in Autumn 2018 .

The ABE school has offered training for several different staff groups in recent years to raise awareness among school staff about gender and equality issues. First, the school's management group attended a course on gender and leadership, followed by a course of the gender-conscious organisation for all technical / administrative staff. In Autumn 2017 - Spring 2018, all heads of divisions in the school has been offered a course in gender-conscious leadership.

Project Gender Equality Integration of KTH - JIKTH

The project of Gender Equality Integration is conducted centrally by the Vice President for Gender equality and values Professor Anna Wahl, following the newly developed plan for the gender equality integration of KTH - JIKTH - which is a response to the government's mission to "universities to develop a plan for how the university intends to develop the work on gender equality integration in order that the activities will contribute to achieving the gender equality policy goals."

During 2017-2019, the work on gender equality integration of KTH's activities (JIKTH project) will begin. In order to coordinate and support KTH's overall JML work, a new unit, Equality Office, has been established consisting of the Vice President for Gender equality and values, Professor Anna Wahl, and two coordinators. Equality office have expertise in JML work and will work as advisor to the schools and university administration.

Based on a number of studies and reports, a number of problems with inequalities at KTH have been identified and analysed. Four overall problem areas have been identified:
• Different conditions for women and men
• Lack of knowledge about gender and JML
• Lack of organization of JML work
• Exclusive cultures