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New LinkedIn page highlights how KTH's research tackles the societal challenges of our time

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Published Oct 12, 2023

In connection with KTH's central LinkedIn page, several topic-based pages focus on strategically important topics at KTH. We are now launching "Cities", which addresses the societal challenges of our time through the research conducted at KTH in the urban environment, architecture and civil engineering.
David Nilsson, ABE's Deputy Head of school and Head of Communication, Collaboration and Impact, and Johanna Bernhardtz, Research communicator, are driving the work.

David Nilsson, ABE Deputy Head of School and Head of Communication, Collaboration and Impact

David Nilsson describes the new page as an increased opportunity for KTH to pursue issues in sustainable urban development and demonstrate how our research in the area is important to society.

"On this channel, societal relevance is in focus. Here, we make an approach to our research and collaboration at KTH in cities and sustainable urban planning. We bring together a wide range of research in architecture, urban planning and infrastructure, citizen engagement and community processes, all with a strong focus on the environment and sustainable urban development. The starting point is the challenges of our surrounding society and how KTH's activities contribute to sustainable social development. Our message is based on an 'outside-in' perspective - not the opposite."

Johanna Bernhardtz, Research communicator at the ABE school

Johanna Bernhardtz is project managing the launch with David Nilsson and the central Communications Department at KTH. She sees many advantages with a niche channel for distributing research within the urban area.

"With Cities, we want to highlight the social challenges of our time through sustainable urban development. We administer the channel at the Communications unit at the ABE school, where the research is close to society but in dialogue with actors such as Senseable Stockholm Lab (SSL), KTH Live-in-Lab and other parts of KTH. We want everyone with research, education, or co-operational news in the area to contact us for tips or participation, regardless of organisational unit! We aim for our followers to have an 'aha experience', learn something new, or get a unique perspective on the research conducted at KTH in this area."

The work withe the new channel Cities is based in the ABE school's digital communication strategy and KTH's overall strategic presence on social media. In addition to Cities at KTH, KTH has topic-based pages for Energy , Material Science  and Digitalisation  on LinkedIn. They are located as showcase pages connected to KTH's central LinkedIn page , which currently has over 190,000 followers.

The pages are run by KTH's communicators who collect information and tips for the page from different parts of the organisation. The target groups we want to reach through these channels are, among others, industrial companies in Sweden and globally, decision makers in Sweden and the world, researchers and financiers.

The posts on the showcase pages can, for example, be about:

  • Publications
  • Financing received for a new project
  • Public defences of doctoral theses, licentiate seminars and promotions
  • Events open to the public
  • Courses or training for the public
  • New lab equipment
  • New collaboration partners
  • New employees
  • Awards/Prize Winners
  • Resarch news articles and researcher portraits 
  • Job ads