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New advisory group for internationalisation established

Published Feb 17, 2021

KTH:s President has decided to establish an advisory group for internationalisation. The ABE school's representative is Deputy Director of First and Second Cycle Education (Deputy GA), Kjartan Gudmundsson.

Kjartan Gudmundsson
Kjartan Gudmundsson associate professor 087906590 Profile

KTH should have a stable, clear and coordinated academic management of the university's international focus. To ensure quality and continuity, an advisory group for internationalisation is established where issues concerning the internationalisation of education are discussed and prepared. The group's assignment also includes discussing and, where appropriate, preparing issues concerning ethical and value-related issues related to, for example, research ethics, human rights, academic freedom and security.

The group consists of those responsible for internationalisation at each school and the head of unit for GVS / EDO / IRO, a representative of KTH Innovation, a representative of the Student Union (THS), the President's advisor for internationalisation and the Vice-President for global relations (convening).