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New responsible for strategic partnerships in Latin America

Published Sep 29, 2020

KTH's President has decided to appoint two academics responsible for KTH's overall strategic collaborations in Latin America during the period 1 October 2020 - 31 December 2021. One of these is Associate Professor Miguel Brandao.
The assignment amounts to 10% of a full-time position.

Miguel Mendonca Reis Brandao
Miguel Mendonca Reis Brandao
associate professor 087906181

KTH has extensive collaboration with various actors in Latin America in both education and research. The collaborations are mainly concentrated in Chile, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia, but other countries within the region are also covered.

The collaboration is motivated by i) an increased number of incoming fee-paying students from mainly Mexico and Colombia, ii) an interest among outgoing students to study at partner universities or as part of Minor Field Studies and iii) wants among Swedish and foreign actors to finance and involve KTH in research projects / initiatives in the region.

Responsible academics are responsible for producing an activity plan as well as overall planning for the calendar year. The plan is prepared together with responsible administrators at GVS / EDO / IRO and in consultation with the Vice-President of Global Relations.

Associate Professor Anders Malmquist, ITM school, has also been appointed as responsible for KTH's overall strategic collaborations in Latin America.