Head of Department and Deputy Head of Department appointed for SEED

Published Apr 10, 2019

Head of the school, in consultation with the President, has decided to appoint associate professor Maria Malmström as Head of Department for Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering (SEED). The term of office runs from 2019-04-01 until 2022-12-31. Rebecka Milestad has been appointed as Deputy Head of Department during the same period.

The decision-making rights of the Head of Department role are established in the school's decision and delegation scheme.

Maria Malmström
Maria Malmström
head of department, assoc.prof 087908745

Appointment of Head of Department process

Anchoring the proposed persons for the assignment has continued during the first quarter of 2019 under the direction of the Acting Head of Department. The proposals have been anchored in the department. Student representatives have also had the opportunity to submit comments during the process.