ABE-News launched!

Published Feb 14, 2019

Today marks the launch of the ABE school internal newsletter, ABE-News, which will be sent out to the school's employees twice a month (every other Thursday) via e-mail.

Do you have questions or ideas regarding ABE-News? Contact the ABE school Communications Officer:

The newsletter will gather news from KTH's intranet , school-specific news from the ABE school's intra pages  and other relevant information in a news format with web links to more information. The newsletter will be sent out in English but the linked information is also available in Swedish.

Internal school newsletters are one of the steps in KTH's new approach to internal communication. Local newsletters to the employees at each school will shortly be issued regularly at all of KTH's five schools.

As of 17 January 2019, the intranet's start page  has a new news list with, for example, administrative news, management information and debate. The vision is that the intranet should be a hub for information, where as a KTH employee you'll find most things you need for your working day.

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