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Product demonstration for our new Trimble Technology Lab

Published Sep 22, 2020

A gift agreement has been drawn up between KTH and Trimble. KTH has received a number of software licenses and advanced equipment for laser scanning.
Computer room 533 has been prepared during the spring of 2020 to become KTH's new Trimble Technology Lab.

Kjartan Gudmundsson (Foto: KTH)

Kjartan Gudmundsson, Director of First and Second Cycle Education, is happy about the new collaboration: "Trimble hardware and software applications, generously gifted by Trimble, provide fantastic educational opportunities. We will be able to further develop our educational programmes and courses with real-world applications for design and modelling, estimation and planning based on virtual design and construction, building energy performance analysis, structural analysis, laser scanning photogrammetry and surveying etc. It will make our current and future students even better prepared for the challenges of the future."