Review of the school's doctoral programmes

Published Nov 21, 2019

Head of School has decided that a review of all doctoral programs within the school shall be carried out, lead by the school's Director of Third Cycle Education (FA).

Following this, the school's Heads of Departments have been given differentiated assignments by FA to produce a proposed programme structure in consultation with concerned parties that can form the basis for an in-depth discussion at school level.

The Heads of the Departments of Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering (SEED), Civil and Architectural Engineering, Real Estate and Construction Management, and Urban Planning and Environment have been requested to outline the topics and specialisations could be included in a programme with supervisors from each department. The assignment for the Head of Department for Real Estate and Construction Management also includes to consider the relationship with the subject Economics. The Head of Department for Architecture has been assigned the task of reviewing the subject and specialisations of the doctoral programme in Architecture.

The Heads of Departments' assignments were initiated in October 2019 and should be reported to FA no later than the end of January 2020. After the Heads of Departments have reported their assignments, a comprehensive review result will be developed by the ABE School Management Advisory Board and presented to the Head of School.

The current doctoral programmes largely follow the organisation of the school's departments around year 2010. Since then, several organisational changes have taken place within the school, which has created the need to review the programmes.


Anders Karlström
Anders Karlström
Professor, Director of Third Cycle Education (FA) 087906898