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Take care of your content

Your content must be accurate and current. Pages that are outdated or contain incorrect information must be updated or unpublished.

Three reasons to update regularly

  1. The content becomes more relevant to the visitors.
  2. A recent date on the website gives a more credible impression.
  3. Search engines prioritise updated content.

Review your pages

It is important to update and clean things out on a regular basis.

The content must:

  • be current and not contain dates that have passed
  • be correct
  • not be more comprehensive than necessary.

Unpublish old material

There are legal requirements that public documents must be handled according to our internal regulations. However, nothing in the law says that all information must be available on the web. You can thus advantageously unpublish old material and refer visitors to the central archive or your school's archive for older protocols, documents, etc.

Document Management and the principle of public access to information