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Unpublishing structures

Departments now also have the Unpublish button, which gives the opportunity to unpublish entire site structures.

Unpublishing also strikes against all the underlying blocks.

This requires you to consider the following:

Cross-published content within an unpublished structure will not be affected. That is, content in an unpublished structure that primarily belongs to, and has its parent, in another part of the site remains public. Content that for that reason is not being unpublished is recognized by not being grayed out in the content lists.

Similarly, content that has its parent in the unpublished structure becomes unpublished even in places where it is cross-published. When unpublishing entire structures, you need to consider the consequences on other parts of the site.

In contrast to before also blocks get unpublished if they have their parents within departments, articles or blocks that are unpublished. If you unpublish an article, blocks created in that article will also be hidden. Unpublishing blocks that hold other blocks will unpublish even these.

Therefore, when unpublishing content, you have to change the content parent for all underlying content that is cross-published and still relevant on other sections of the site!

When unpublishing entire structures, you benefit from these features: Status of listed content