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Personal security

Personal security is primarily aimed at preventing, obstructing and managing antagonistic security incidents aimed at employees and students at KTH. The mission is to create a safe and secure work and study environment.

What is personal security?

Personal security can refer to threats, violence or unauthorized influence, but also intelligence threats. The assignment also includes supporting with security recommendations before, during and after trips abroad. Personal security is also a component of the planning and implementation process for public events organized by KTH.

A lot of resources are devoted to internal and external collaboration to create favorable conditions in the security work and to create common situational pictures of current problem areas. Furthermore, the organization can support background checks in connection with, for example, appointments.

Subject areas

  • threats and violence
  • unauthorized influence
  • intelligence threats
  • travel security
  • event security

Security and Safety Department assists the organisation with:

  • advice/support

  • assessments
  • training