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Heads of Division

Heads of Division at the CBH school.

Department of Biomedical Engineering and Health Systems

Matilda Larsson
Matilda Larsson professor, head of divison 087904823 Profile
Lars Johan Anders Cajander
Lars Johan Anders Cajander lecturer, head of division 087909791 Profile
Roger Kölegård
Roger Kölegård researcher, head of divison 087909488 Profile
Svein Kleiven
Svein Kleiven professor, head of divison 087906448 Profile
Mikael Forsman
Mikael Forsman professor, head of divison 0704910196 Profile

Department of Protein Science

 Department of Chemistry

Francisco Javier Vilaplana Domingo
Francisco Javier Vilaplana Domingo professor, head of dep. 0701667417 Profile
Peter Dinér
Peter Dinér professor, head of division 087908139 Profile
Patrick Norman
Patrick Norman professor, head of division +4687909631 Profile

Department of Chemical Engineering

Stefan Grönkvist
Stefan Grönkvist professor, head of div +4687906605 Profile
Klas Engvall
Klas Engvall professor, head of division 087908995 Profile
Kerstin Forsberg
Kerstin Forsberg professor, head of division 087906404 Profile
Göran Lindbergh
Göran Lindbergh professor, head of division 087908143 Profile

Department of Fibre and Polymer Technology

Yuanyuan Li
Yuanyuan Li ass. professor, head of div Profile
Lars Wågberg
Lars Wågberg professor, head of divison 087908294 Profile
Mikael Hedenqvist
Mikael Hedenqvist professor, head of division 087907645 Profile
Minna Hakkarainen
Minna Hakkarainen professor, head of division 087908271 Profile
Mats Johansson
Mats Johansson professor, head of division 087909287 Profile

Department of Gene Technology

Department of Engineering Pedagogics 

Sara Thyberg Naumann
Sara Thyberg Naumann lecturer, head of department +4687906504 Profile

 Department of Industrial Biotechnology

Antonius Van Maris
Antonius Van Maris professor, head of department +4687909892 Profile