Heads of Division

Heads of Division at the CBH school.

Department of Biomedical Engineering and Health Systems

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Biomedical Imaging

Health Informatics and Logistics

Structural Biotechnology

Environmental Physiology

Neuronic Engineering


Basic Science

Human Communication Science

Technology in Health Care

Department of Protein Science

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Protein Engineering
Proteomik Proteomics
Systems Biology
Cellular and Clinical Proteomics
Affinity Proteomics
Protein Engineering
Drug Discovery and Development

Department of Chemistry

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Organic Chemistry
Applied Physical Chemistry
Surface and Corrosion Science

Department of Chemical Engineering

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Energy Processes
Chemical Technology
Nuclear Waste Engineering
Resource Recovery
Transport Phenomena
Applied Electrochemistry

Department of Fibre and Polymer Technology

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Fibre Technology
Polymeric Materials
Polymer Technology
Coating Technology
Wood Chemistry and Pulp Technology