WISUM is KTH's e-commerce system, it is a database where KTH collect all products / services from agreements.

All employees who have to perform a purchase, log into WISUM with their KTH-id to get a profile in the system as "Läsare". You create a shopping carts and send these carts to ”beställare”1 and or a ”inköpare”2 which then completes the purchase.

1 The head of department designate which employees will be given the "role" as ”beställare”. The head of department contacts the purchase manager (via mail) who will activate the "role" in Wisum. In order to do this, the following information must be included; The employee's full name and KTH-id, and that the employee is undergoing training given by the purchasing manager.

2 ”Inköpare” will be appointed by the school management.


For questions concerning profiles, agreements, products suppliers, etc. contact the school's purchasing manager.

For questions regarding system features, contact kth-ehandel@kth.se