Framework agreement

The framework agreement regulates which goods and services the supplier will be able to deliver. It also speaks of the prices and commercial terms (eg delivery terms, warranties, payment terms) that will apply.

When using a framework agreement, you can order directly from the companies included in the framework agreement as the procurement is already made. However, one has to find out which rules of the agreement specify how the choice of supplier should be done and how to order the products (suborder).

How to perform a suborder varies from agreement to agreement, you must start by finding this out. This information can be on the respective agreements information pages.

Start by looking at KTH's electronic ordering system WISUM . If you do not find the information in Wisum, you have to look primarily at KTH:s ramaval , then at The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency agreement at .

If you consider that there should be a framework agreement in an area where KTH has nothing, you can contact the Purchasing Manager.

Renewed Competition

For orders exceeding 100,000 SEK (check the sum, can be different for some framework agreement) at the date of delivery or if a delivery agreement is to be concluded, renewed competition will apply. This means that all contract providers within the current product group are questioned and may submit a bid/quotation. You should send the call request in writing to the Suppliers, there you describe the product/products of interest and what award criteria that will be used.

Explanatory text on how to do this is found in the templates Template renewed competition (docx 40 kB)  and Award decision renewed competition (docx 41 kB) .

KTH:s framework agreements in the laboratory produkt area from 1/ 2018

Discounts-Product Groups-Suppliers-Antibodies 2018 (xlsx 55 kB)

Discounts-Product Groups-Suppliers-Chemicals 2018 (xlsx 34 kB)

Discounts-Product Groups-Suppliers-Consumables2018 (xlsx 86 kB)

Overview Laboratory equipment (xlsx 120 kB)

Discounts-Product Groups-Suppliers-MolBiol 2018 (xlsx 23 kB)

Link to KTH's database for agreements  within the purchasing area.

You can always find the link in Wisum at the bottom of the page under the heading "Direct Links Outside Wisum" and the link "Contract Information is available to search in the KTH Contract Agreement".

Exception from purchase from a framework agreement

Direct procurement can never be made if the product / service is on a framework agreement except if there are exceptional reasons. Such reasons may be:

  • If you have an experimental set up or a series of experiments that have been running for a long time with the same products.
  • If you have to use a specific product due to technical reasons or because it is sold only by one company.
  • It is NOT OK to buy a product outside the agreement only because it is cheaper.

It is the head of the school that approves whether direct procurement can be used for for a purchase when departing from a framework agreement.. The decision should always be in writing please use the form “ Exceptions to the procurement procedure (direct procurement §19) in LOU (June 2020).docx (docx 70 kB) ”.

The form must be filled in with information about:

  • Agreement reference number and name
  • Who is / are looking to make the exception
  • Why (background)
  • Supplier Information
  • Product Information (all products must be Listed)
  • Total amount purchased during the year

Follow the school's delegation rules to sign purchases and send the form to the purchase manager (

Then follow any of KTH's procurement procedures.