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Ann Lantz on the teachers' conference

Ann Lantz
Published May 03, 2022

We spoke to Ann Lantz, Director of First and Second Cycle Education at EECS, about the teachers' meeting on 25 April.

Hello Ann! You organised the teachers' conference on April 25. What did you discuss during the day?

"We had exciting presentations and discussions about KTH's future education, system support for course analyses, and discrimination and harassment, such as definitions and information about where we report if we are aware that it occurs."

Did you have any guests?

"This time, we had Anna Jerbrant, Director of First and Second Cycle Education at ITM and Joakim Lilliesköld. Both are teacher representatives in the board of education and have worked hard to produce a basis for KTH's future education. Klara Folkesson from the equality office participated, and Lotta Gustavsson from the university administrationas well as Felicia Gustafsson from our HR group talked about discrimination and harassment."

What discussions arose?

"There were good discussions around all points. There were requests that we have more time to discuss future education and take part in real cases reported as discrimination."

"It was very nice to meet on-site, and we also offered participation via Zoom. Out of 64 participants, 50 chose to participate on-site. In parallel with the teachers' meeting, several other important meetings took place at KTH, so we decided to record our teachers' conference. These recordings along with the meeting's agenda will be posted in the social group EECS grundutbildning ."