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Cyrille Artho new director of CASTOR

Published Mar 21, 2023

Cyrille Artho is the new Director of the CASTOR Software research centre. He’s lived in Japan for 11 years, where he worked on analysing networked software and testing together with software security. In his spare time, he likes to run in the forest close to KTH.

Cyrille, can you tell us about your background and research?

”My background is originally from research on currency: what happens if several pieces of code try to cooperate, but there are flaws in the system? During my doctoral thesis at ETH Zürich, I found new patterns in how things can go wrong. These patterns allow one to detect possible problems even if they don’t happen every time”.

”After my doctoral, I moved to Japan, where I have worked for 11 years on analysing networked software and testing, together with software security. That is still a strong pillar of my research. My current research combines these topics in different ways, such as for smart contracts, which is software that runs on a blockchain and can lose billions of SEK if it goes wrong”.

What is your aim for CASTOR in the next coming years?

”My goal is to increase the outreach of CASTOR so we can build a strong network of industrial partners eager to apply for funding with us in joint projects. These can be projects within Sweden or international projects. We also want to involve small and medium-sized enterprises in this so they can be a part of such initiatives even without being official partners with all the obligations that it would bring”.

If you would highlight any research within CASTOR, what would it be?

”We have a lot of exciting projects, so it is difficult to pick just a few. What they have in common is that they seek better software technology so we can build more secure and reliable software and systems in the future. In that, our partners Saab and Ericsson share the exact needs, even if the application areas of their software differ a bit”.

When you are not working, what do you like to do?

“I like running, and it's great to have a forest just outside the office! My favourite runs are near KTH”.