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They have a crucial role in student recruitment

This year’s student ambassadors

KTH International student ambassadors 2023
Published Oct 17, 2023

Every year, the ambassadors guide almost 100 groups on campus, answer 2000 enquiries, visit schools and participate in educational fairs. When asked, approximately half of the prospective students say they have become more interested in applying to KTH after one of these interactions.

About 110 students work as student ambassadors at KTH. Their main goal is to inspire prospective students to apply for our programmes. All first- and second-cycle education and master's programmes at EECS have a student ambassador.

They are trained in presentation techniques, get information on the target group and insights into KTH student recruitment strategies. Every year in September KTH organises a kick-off where the student ambassadors get together.

Ambassadors on Instagram

The student Sara from Interactive Media Technology is a digital ambassador on Instagram. Follow her and the other ambassadors at kthuniversity !

Parisa Razzaghi Abyaneh is now embarking on her second year as an international student ambassador.

"I hope to inspire prospective students by providing insights into our university, especially my programme, and ensure that they feel welcomed, valued, and supported, with their questions and concerns resolved adequately."

When Parisa welcomed her first group on campus, she was nervous. But as she guided them through campus and shared insights about our programmes and student life, she saw their genuine satisfaction and excitement.

“Some of these visitors had travelled a long way to explore KTH, and being able to create such a positive and memorable experience for them is a cherished memory in my journey as a student ambassador that I'll never forget."

The student ambassadors are often the first face that future students see and they play a crucial role in guiding and inspiring. Their commitment and enthusiasm contribute to making KTH a welcoming and rewarding place.

Text: Charlotta Alnersson