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Changes in the Professional support's management group

From the left: Rose-Marie, Ronny and Anette
Published Jan 26, 2022

Rose-Marie Kellqvist Sundström quits as Head of Finance at EECS. Anette Arling takes over as Acting Head of the Finance unit with Ronny Sagborn as Deputy. Sara Johansson will be Deputy Head of Administration until 30 June.

Rose-Marie's last day at EECS is 31 January and she will then start as chief accountant at Värmdö municipality.

Rose-Marie reflects on her time at KTH:

"I remember when I came from the job interview three years ago and went down Osquars backe from Teknikringen, saw all these fantastic brick houses and just felt at home. It has been exciting to lead and build an amazing financial group."

"When I filled in as Acting Head of Administration, which I might have thought would be a few months but turned 9, I got to learn even more about the dedicated and ambitious professional support available at this school. I have stubbornly piloted a budget and forecasting tool inside KTH's brick walls, so I think I will leave a digital footprint that, in the long run, will facilitate budget work for all department heads, project managers and heads of divisions."

"I am now moving onto Värmdö municipality as accounting manager; it will be inspiring to delve into yummy accounting issues, and as an extra bonus to be able to cycle to work! Congratulations to Anette, who continues as Acting Head of Finance manager and Joakim, who continues to work and build an outstanding management team for the professional support."

Joakim Palestro, Head of Administration, says:

"Rose-Marie has been both Head of finance and in 2021 Acting Head of Administration. Her efforts have been significant, and the employees have much appreciated her. She has also laid the foundation for, together with ABE, initiating and implementing the much-anticipated staffing and forecasting tool that is now being tested at both schools. Rose-Marie is now moving on and the school management and professional support wishes her all the best in the future."

"I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Sara Johansson, who worked as Deputy Head of Administration during Rose-Marie's term. It is therefore extra fun that she has agreed to continue as my deputy until the summer."