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Her first poster led to a victory at the EECS Winter Conference

Han Xue, one of two winners of the Poster Exhibition

Han Xue, Division of Electronics and Embedded Systems
Published Jan 19, 2022

Han Xue, Division of Electronics and Embedded Systems and winner of the Poster Exhibition at the EECS Winter Conference. Tell us a bit about your research.

Shared victory at the EECS Winter Conference

Han Xue, doctoral student at EES, wins with the motivation “With her visually appealing graphics” Her poster “Ocean wave energy generators”.

Shivam Mehta, doctoral student at TMH, wins with the motivation “a well-described problem and clear impact”. His poster “Neural HMMs are all you need (for high-quality attention-free speech synthesis)”

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Congratulations, Han Xue. How did it feel to receive this award?

- I couldn't believe it when I heard the winner was me. No doubt that I felt surprised and excited, but mostly I was encouraged as this is my first poster. This acknowledgment and affirmation will motivate me to devote more effort to my research.

Briefly, can you tell us a bit about your research?

- My research covers two big categories, energy harvesting (as the poster shows) and storage devices. By the enormous energy that water possesses and the interaction between the contacted area of the device and water, we can collect electrical signals to achieve electricity generation. Besides that, energy storage devices, such as micro-supercapacitors, can store the produced electricity. Our group has mature and advanced printing techniques, which allow us to print devices as tiny as possible to meet the continuous demand for microscale electronics.

What excites you the most about your area of research?

- The belief that every small development in the lab can make a significant change to the world we live in motivates me all the time. 

In what way is your area of research attractive for a non-researcher and the future?

- Energy has been one of the most important topics these years and relates to our daily life closely, which may interest every general person because we all cannot live without energy. The development of auto cars, smartphones, laptops, and countless electronics in our life needs scientific support from the laboratory, and I am very excited to be involved in such inspiring work. I enjoy it a lot when I realize we are studying one of the most cutting-edge technologies, which could move this world forward a tiny step.

Have you any plans on how to spend your travel grant?

- So far, I haven't had any plans on the money. But I hope when the covid situation gets better, I can have a chance to participate in one influential international conference using the travel grant. See how the advanced technology in my field is going, and share ideas with more researchers.