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Here are EECS' new acting Deputy Heads of School

– Interview

Henrik Artman and Markus Hidell are EECS's new acting Deputy Heads of School
Henrik Artman and Markus Hidell are EECS's new acting Deputy Heads of School
Published Aug 30, 2023

Henrik Artman and Markus Hidell are EECS's new acting Deputy Heads of School. This applies from 1 September until a regular head of school is appointed and, at the latest, until 31 March 2024. Get to know them by reading the interview!

How will you distribute the assignment between yourselves?

GA and FFA

FFA = head of faculty renewal

GA = Director of First and Second Cycle Education

“Honestly, we have yet to discuss the job and what it entails. We will work in parallel and as support to the head of school based on our respective assignments as FFA and GA”, says Henrik Artman.

Markus Hidell continues:

“Since I am the GA, I enter the role from an first and second cycle education perspective. We are facing some crucial changes, not least given the introduction of strengthened collegial influence and decision-making in the form of faculty boards. This will likely affect the roles of the head of school and deputy head of school and, thus, how work is distributed within this constellation.”

How will it affect your everyday work?

“Probably more contact points and more meetings. An important part will be to relieve the head of school, which requires me to be able to let go of some of my current assignments. Today, I teach during all study periods, and that is probably something that we will have to review”, says Markus.

“Presumably, more meetings. Emails have already started pouring in. It's nice to allow yourself to be a little giddy for a while”, says Henrik.

Thank you, Lars!

Lars Nordström  ends his 5.5-year-long service as deputy head of school. New challenges await him the coming year at Svenska kraftnät, but he remains as a professor at KTH at 20%. Thank you very much for this time, Lars!

What is the best thing about your job?

“I dare not comment on the new assignment, but I applied and accepted the position because I want to challenge myself and greatly respect what Lars Nordström (former Deputy Head of School) has done. I have a small hope of being able to change processes that I found troublesome in my roles as head of department and head of division. As a manager, the best part of the job is giving young successful people the conditions to succeed and, even more, to watch when that happens”, says Henrik.

“I have a small hope of being able to change processes that I found troublesome in my roles as head of department and head of division.”

“As GA and acting deputy head of school, I can influence where we are going. I want to develop the school's educational offerings so our students receive the best possible education. The contact surfaces are a stimulating and fun part of the work. Another aspect that I am passionate about is creating good conditions for the programme directors, the directors of study and, the teachers to allow them to spend their time on the things that require their competence and expertise,” Markus says.

Share a fun memory from KTH.

Markus says:

“I have been at KTH as a student, doctoral student, research engineer and then in the academic career stage where I am now an associate professor and docent. That adds to around 30 years of experience at KTH in various roles. I have also spent 5-7 years outside the brick walls as a co-founder of a technology company.”

“Reality...? I've never been there.”

“I have many fun memories from KTH, but I chose one from my student days in the late 80s. We had an excellent teacher in a mathematics course where we were doing vector analysis. He went through some complicated proofs and derivations on the blackboard. A student raised his hand and asked, "How does that work in real life?". The teacher looked up, looked a little questioning, and then said, "Reality...? I've never been there." Then he calmly counted on. It's hilarious.”

Henrik continues:

“In 2001, when I came for an interview for an associate professor position and had a fully loaded PowerPoint in the belief that I was coming to a technical university... There was only an overhead projector. I had to improvise.”

“Otherwise, it has generally been a lot of fun to lead Media Technology and Interaction Design for six years and to have seen the division grow in funding and personnel.”

“Then, some things are fun in different ways. If you mean fun, in the sense that you had a good laugh, there are so many memories and a few laughs every day because I have several quirky colleagues.”

Three quick questions

With Henrik

Which are the last albums you have listened to?

Cat Empire ”Where the Angels Fall” and Vasas Flora och Fauna ”Man Blåser Bort”. 

What do you do in your spare time?

“I'm a jogger, beer brewer, music geek and collector of obscure music. I also like fly fishing, home automation and technology recycling, aquariums, forest hiking and wildlife spotting, still yearning to see wolves, cooking and 50s-60s design and clothing.”

What is your favourite thing to do on vacation?

“Every year for 11 years, I fly-fish in Norrland with friends. I also spend time in the countryside, scrape windows, hike in the forest, kayak, and enjoy the sun. If I had my own sailboat, I would like to sail more. The last time I sailed was in New Caledonia.”

With Markus

What is your last read book?

“The Spider by Lars Kepler, which I got from my daughter. I have also just started the poetry collection Important Words by Matthis Kempe-Bergman. He is a good friend.”

What do you do in your spare time?

“I am a dedicated golfer, spend a lot of time training, and compete in my age group. I can spend hours without getting tired, which becomes a mental relaxation. I also have an interest in animals and nature.”

What is your favourite thing to do on vacation?

“I like Skåne and to be there with my family or parts of it now that the children are grown. Every year, we visit Helsingborg, which has a fantastic location. There is much to do there, and close to the continent.”